Conference Guidelines

Download the Prospectus for BICSI 2017 Conference Here

These guidelines apply to all sponsors of the 2017 BICSI MEA District – Nigeria Conference.

General Guidelines

  • Code of Conduct
    – BICSI code of conduct and Code of Ethics will be enforced.
    – Silence is to be enforced during presentations.
    – Courtesy is encouraged.
  • Vertical Banners are encouraged.
  • Each sponsor will have two seats for conference participation.
  • Sponsors shall promote a good educational environment.
  • Meetings with potential customers are encouraged during exhibition hours.
  • No meetings shall take place in conference room while speakers are presenting.
  • Sponsors must collect and take all materials left after event.
  • All areas shall be left clean.
  • Sponsors must have their materials out of room by 9 p.m. on day of event.
  • Event set-up will take place the day before the event from 6-8:30 p.m.

Speaker Guidelines

  • Presentations are to be technical in nature and not sales oriented.
  • Speakers are encouraged to use five minutes of allotted time for questions and answers.
  • Speakers shall be ready for their presentation five minutes before previous presentation is completed.
  • If allotted speaking time is exceeded, the host will ask speaker to conclude the presentation.
  • A signal will be provided 5 minutes before presentation is scheduled to conclude.
  • Presentations will be preloaded onto computer setup for the conference.
  • Speakers are welcome to bring their own PCs for presentation.

Presentation Guidelines

  • The presentation must be vendor neutral. Use of trade names, images of company-specific products, and comparisons to other companies’ products should not be used. We realize that, in the context of presenting information, it is sometimes necessary to mention a product or trade name. However, this should not be the focus of your presentation.
  • If the presentation will be in a language other than English, a 2 to 3 paragraph synopsis / summary must be submitted for the CEC review.
    Presentations must be on one of the BICSI approved templates. The first slide should contain:
    a. The title of the presentation at the top, in 32 point type.
    b. The day, date, and time of the presentation.
    c. Your full name, with any titles (e.g., RCDD, PE, etc.).
    d. Your company’s legal name, correctly spelled and punctuated.
  • Do not use all capital letters; everything should be in upper and lower case letters. (Exceptions are a company’s legal name that is in all capital letters, acronyms, etc.)
  • If a company’s logo is used on the slides, it must be placed in the lower left corner of the slide and should not be any larger than the title type size (32 point). A logo may NOT cover the entire slide and may NOT be screened (faded) behind the words or images on the slides.
  • Be sure to proofread presentation carefully, noting spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.

Booth Guidelines

  • Conference Room staging will take place from 6-8:30 p.m. on day before event.
  • Each Booth Sponsor will have an assigned booth of 3m x 1m.
  • Booth assignments will be sent to sponsors via email and a copy of room layout will be placed in conference room during staging
  • Sponsors are permitted to display marketing materials, demo equipment and samples in the assigned space/booth.
  • There is no additional space for Tables, personal booths or other setups.
  • A vertical banner is encouraged and can be placed behind the booth or on the side.
  • Booth skirt type banners can be placed as long as they fit the booths provided.
  • Professional advertising models and other types of marketing shall be restricted to reception events.